New Products
New Products


We have recentlly visited two wholesale rod manufacturers in Stuart Florida and made a deal.  That's right, you asked for BLACKFIN RODS and now we have them.  You asked for CROWDER CUSTOM RODS and now we can get them for you.  All shipped directly to you, without any shipping costs.  That's right, FREE SHIPPING*.

You can order from the complete line of BLACKFIN RODS on our recently completed page or visit the manufacturer's site at 

We will be adding CROWDER CUSTOM RODS heavy duty and deep drop lines of fishing rods to our website very soon! 

While that NEW page is under construction, you can visit the manufacturer's website to select your rods and then simply "drop us a line" at  Tell us which rods your looking for and we will send an e-mail reply within 24 hours with custom pricing for the rods you asked for. 

You can see the complete line of CROWDER CUSTOM RODS at

Check back soon to order the CROWDER CUSTOM RODS you asked for directly from our website. 


We've offer the full line of Lindgren-Pitman products.  It's listed under ELECTRIC REELS, be sure to check it out. LP S-3000 12/0 Penn Senator
L-P Monofilament They invented monofilament line for LONG LINING SWORDFISH BOATS and know a thing or two about making fishing line monofilament.

They also have DEEP WATER FISHING LIGHTS that are pressure activated.  These are great for Snapper, Grouper, Halibut and Swordfish and go to depths up to 3000 feet.

LP Electralume Full Spectrum with Litium Battery
LP Shimano TIAGRA Electric Fishing ReelLP Penn INTERNATIONAL If you buy your reels here, we will ship them directly to LP for conversion to one of the world's finest ELECTRIC FISHING REELS.  These were originally made for the fishing impaired, but they are mostly used commercially and by charter captains to get DEEP and bring in the BIG FISH.
LP's new WISHBONE RODS.  Engineered exclusively for the S-1200. Go to ELECTRIC FISHING REELS.
S-1200 Quick Chane Hub.  Go to ELECTRIC FISHING REELS.
Hubbel recepticle for S-1200.  Go to ELECTRIC FISHING REELS.



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