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Daiwa’s new Saltist™


For Today’s Super Braids
Features and rugged “Full-Metal Jacket” construction demanded by today’s ultra-strong braided lines and mono. Choose from standard 4.9 to 1 retrieve or new ultra high speed 6.4 to 1 retrieve models that rip in over 47 inches of line with every crank, just the ticket for Kingfish.

  • Rugged, all-metal construction with rigid, one-piece aluminum frame
  • CRBB shielded, Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings on spool
  • Super Drag
  • Total of four ball bearings and roller bearing
  • Up to 30% greater winding power
  • Aluminum rod clamp
  • Powerful, high-strength alloy gears
  • Dual Anti-Reverse systems
  • Dual-position power handle
Daiwa STT40H (SKU: STT40H-0996410)Daiwa STT40H (SKU: STT40H-0996410)Saltist
Daiwa STT50H (SKU: STT50H-0905510)Daiwa STT50H (SKU: STT50H-0905510)Saltist

Team Daiwa® Advantage™-HSTA


Confidence is crucial to angling success. It starts with knowing that your reel provides you with a distinct advantage. The minute you hold a low-profile, super-tuned Team Daiwa® Advantage®-HSTA comfortably in your palm, you'll begin to understand. Now put it to work. Make effortless casts with the lightest of lures. Feel the power and stability as you crank. Experience the smoothness. There's no doubt about it—you've got a winner in your hands.

  • Rigid, one-piece aluminum frame and right sideplate
  • Ten high performance stainless steel ball bearings, plus roller bearing
  • Lightweight, free-floating drilled aluminum spool
  • Magforce®-Z automatic magnetic anti-backlash
  • Swept handle for less wobble, better feel and maximum winding leverage
  • Rugged six-point drive train
  • Super Drag, seven-disc wet drag system with Daiwa's exclusive fiber composite and stainless steel washers for super-smooth fish control
  • Machine aluminum cast control cap
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • High-speed 6.3:1 gear ratio
  • Soft Touch grips



Daiwa TDA153HSTA (SKU: TDA153HSTA-0904210)Daiwa TDA153HSTA (SKU: TDA153HSTA-0904210)Low Profile
Daiwa TDTR153H (SKU: TDTR153H-0962900)Low Profile

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