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If you're looking to fight the big game fish, YOU WANT a TUNA STIK®.  They have been the standard in the standup big game fishing rod market because of their ability to take on the toughest fights.  Penn uses the powerful Penn P450 SuperglassTM tubular blank and hand-crafting with superior quality components.


  • Modified parabolic tapered blank
  • Exceptional leverage for anglers strapped into a fighting chair
  • Standup anglers benefit from the fast-tip sections for recovery power
  • Premium Aftco® roller guides
  • Comfortable EVA fore grip
  • Stuart alum. butt section and reel seat
PENN TS3080ARA56 (SKU: 1151258) (SKU: 1151258)Tuna Stick® Stand-Up
PENN TS3080ARA60 (SKU: 1151259) (SKU: 1151259)Tuna Stick® Stand-Up
PENN TS5010ARA56 (SKU: 1151260) (SKU: 1151260)Tuna Stick® Stand-Up
PENN TS5010ARA60 (SKU: 1151261) (SKU: 1151261)Tuna Stick ® Stand-Up



V Stand-Up

These rods are designed for Standup Action.  They utilize fast tapers and shorter blanks for the mechanical advantage over the longer parabolic rods for chair fighting.  The soft tip sections quickly taper into the powerful mid and butt sections.  You get the required power but also a comfortable fishing action all in one rod.
  • One piece hollow e-glass construction
  • Stuart alum. butt sections (various models)
  • Slick butts (various models)
  • Stuart  reel seats and gimbals (various models)
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PENN VS3080ARA56 (SKU: 1151160) (SKU: 1151160)International® V Stand-Up
PENN VS3080ARA60 (SKU: 1151161) (SKU: 1151161)International ®  V Stand-Up
PENN VS3080RS56 (SKU: 1151164) (SKU: 1151164)International ® V Stand-Up
PENN VS3080RS60 (SKU: 1151165) (SKU: 1151165)International® V Stand-Up
PENN VS5010ARA56 (SKU: 1151168) (SKU: 1151168)International ® V Stand-Up
PENN VS5010ARA60 (SKU: 1151169) (SKU: 1151169)International® V Stand-Up
PENN VS5010AWA60 (SKU: 1151172 (SKU: 1151172)International ® V Stand-Up
PENN VS5010RS56 (SKU: 1151173) (SKU: 1151173)International® V Stand-Up
PENN VS5010RS60 (SKU: 1151174) (SKU: 1151174)International ® V Stand-Up



Captains choose these durable rods for their great looking wraps.  And their rugged construction makes them dependable and ready for long-lasting use.
  • e-piece solid glass blanks
  • Heavy-duty turbo frame guides w/ alum. oxide inserts
  • Machined alum. reel seat
  • Alum. gimbal
  • Comfortable EVA fore grip
  • Slick butt
  • Select models feature Stuart roller stripper and tip tops
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penn Int IGFA Stand Up




  • hollow e-glass construction
  • Stuart alum. reel seats and butts
  • eVA fore grips
  • built in gimbal butts
  • aftco roller guides

 The International V-Series IGFA rods were creates for catching world record fish and winning big game tournaments.

For maximun leverage used with a fighting chair, these rods feature the more traditional parabolic tapers.  They come with straight or bent butt.

The bent butt lowers the reel relative to the angler thereby shifting the fulcrum and increasing the angler's leverage and comfort.

PENN 5050 (SKU: 1151151) (SKU: 1151151)International® IGFA
PENN 5070 (SKU: 1151152) (SKU: 1151152)International® IGFA
PENN 5080 (SKU: 1151153) (SKU: 1151153)International® IGFA
PENN 5080B (SKU: 1151154) (SKU: 1151154)International® IGFA
PENN 5130B (SKU: 1151156)  (SKU: 1151156)International® IGFA




penn Senator rods

Senator rods are as rugged as the reels they are matched with.

Chrome guides between the AFTCO Roller Stripper and the rod tip.

The economical choice when all rollers are not required.

one-piece tubular glass w/ solid tip blank
alum. reel seat
alum. gimbal
eva fore grip
slick butt

  • one-piece tubular glass
  • solid tip blank
  • alum. reel seat
  • alum. gimbal
  • eva fore grip
  • slick butt

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