blackfin IGFA and Deep Drop Series
blackfin IGFA Series and Deep Drop Series are definitely for hauling in the monsters.  These rods have the aluminum and STUART straight and slick butts with gimbals for serious chair fighting.  They can even stand up to the strain dished out by electric reels.  This is also where you will find wire line rods and kite rods for blue water action.
blackfin Deep Drop 56130 (SKU: fin176)blackfin Deep Drop 56130 (SKU: fin176)Blackfin Fin Series #176
blackfin Deep Drop 5680 (SKU: fin175)blackfin Deep Drop 5680 (SKU: fin175)Blackfin Fin Series #175
blackfin Deep Drop 5680F (SKU: fin174)blackfin Deep Drop 5680F (SKU: fin174)Blackfin Fin Series #174
blackfin IGFA 7050 (SKU: fin160)blackfin IGFA 7050 (SKU: fin160)Blackfin Fin Series #160
blackfin IGFA 7480 (SKU: fin161)blackfin IGFA 7480 (SKU: fin161)Blackfin Fin Series #161
blackfin IGFA 75130 (SKU: fin162)blackfin IGFA 75130 (SKU: fin162)Blackfin Fin Series #162
blackfin IGFA 90130 (SKU: fin166)blackfin IGFA 90130 (SKU: fin166)Blackfin Fin Series #166
blackfin Kite (SKU: fin180)blackfin Kite (SKU: fin180)Blackfin Fin Series #180
blackfin Kite SS (SKU: fin181)blackfin Kite SS (SKU: fin181)Blackfin Fin Series #181
blackfin Wire Line 6080 (SKU: fin177) (SKU: fin177)blackfin Wire Line 6080 (SKU: fin177) (SKU: fin177)Blackfin Fin Series #177

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