The blackfin ProPink Series have all the same features of their big brothers with the boring colors, but these babies are bright PINK for the Ladies.
blackfin Spin 66812 (SKU: propink184)blackfin Spin 66812 (SKU: propink184)Blackfin ProPink Series #184
blackfin Spin 701015 (SKU: propink185)blackfin Spin 701015 (SKU: propink185)Blackfin ProPink Series #185
blackfin Spin 701225 (SKU: propink186)blackfin Spin 701225 (SKU: propink186)Blackfin ProPink Series #186
blackfin Spin 70812 (SKU: propink182)blackfin Spin 70812 (SKU: propink182)Blackfin ProPink Series #182
blackfin Spin/Troll 661220 (SKU: propink134)blackfin Spin/Troll 661220 (SKU: propink134)Blackfin ProPink Series #134
blackfin Spin/Troll 701220 (SKU: propink143)blackfin Spin/Troll 701220 (SKU: propink143)Blackfin ProPink Series #143
blackfin Stand Up 602030 (SKU: ProPink080) (SKU: propink080)blackfin Stand Up 602030 (SKU: ProPink080) (SKU: propink080)Blackfin ProPink Series #080
blackfin Stand Up 603050 (SKU: ProPink81) (SKU: propink081)blackfin Stand Up 603050 (SKU: ProPink81) (SKU: propink081)Blackfin ProPink Series #081
blackfin Stand Up 662030 (SKU: ProPink088) (SKU: propink088)blackfin Stand Up 662030 (SKU: ProPink088) (SKU: propink088)Blackfin ProPink Series #088
blackfin Stand Up 663050 (SKU: ProPink089) (SKU: propink089)blackfin Stand Up 663050 (SKU: ProPink089) (SKU: propink089)Blackfin ProPink Series #089

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