blackfin Phoenix Series
The blackfin Phoenix Series has the same specifications and performance as the Fin Series.  The difference is in the look.  The Phoenix Series have the rods all painted white and blue with no epoxy coating and they will not 'yellow'.  This is the 'RETRO" look from the early 50's and 60's.
blackfin Spin/Troll 661220 (SKU: phoenix134)blackfin Spin/Troll 661220 (SKU: phoenix134)Blackfin Phoenix Series 134
blackfin Spin/Troll 661530 (SKU: phoenix 135)blackfin Spin/Troll 661530 (SKU: phoenix 135)Blackfin Phoenix Series 135
blackfin Stand Up 602030 (SKU: Phoenix80) (SKU: phoenix80)blackfin Stand Up 602030 (SKU: Phoenix80) (SKU: phoenix80)Blackfin Phoenix Series 80
blackfin Stand Up 662030 (SKU: Phoenix88) (SKU: phoenix88)blackfin Stand Up 662030 (SKU: Phoenix88) (SKU: phoenix88)Blackfin Phoenix Series 88
blackfin Swordfish 565080 (SKU: Phoenix156) (SKU: phoenix156)blackfin Swordfish 565080 (SKU: Phoenix156) (SKU: phoenix156)Blackfin Phoenix Series 156
blackfin Swordfish 5660100 (SKU: Phoenix157) (SKU: phoenix157)blackfin Swordfish 5660100 (SKU: Phoenix157) (SKU: phoenix157)Blackfin Phoenix Series 157

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